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"Everyone deserves great care and a great smile that will last a lifetime."
Dr. Ron Schefdore D.M.D. Doctor of Dental Medicine… Licensed general dentist. Read More
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Dentist Downers Grove
Celebrity Smiles by Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ronald Schefdore

Dentist Oakbrook Downers Grove

Dentist Downers Grove
Dentist Downers Grove You have worked hard to achieve the successes you now enjoy in your personal, social, and professional life. You have dedicated endless hours to finance, business, education, family, and life partnerships. Now, it is time for a change, reward yourself with the care and pampering that you deserve. Refreshing your smile and lifting your spirits would be a delightful place to begin concentrating on you!

We will design and create the smile of your dreams with consummate care, incomparable proficiency, and a gentle touch for an experience reminiscent of spending a day at the spa. Dr. Schefdore delivers a beautiful healthy smile of exquisite beauty with his gentle lifetime concierge dentistry. His work has been featured on network television, as well as in prestigious magazines.

Let Dr. Ronald Schefdore utilize his experience based on thousands of procedures and independent research of over nearly three decades to give you the flawless, stunning smile you deserve. We combine cosmetic techniques like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, and implants with sound fundamentals of general dentistry and a focus on prevention, health, and wellness. We design snug-fitting, natural-looking dentures; teeth in a day for people missing teeth; smile makeovers for front and back teeth; as well as all phases of preventive and general dentistry (including gentle dental cleaning with NO harsh scraping or picking at the teeth). We enhance the health and beauty of smiles gently and comfortably.

Your Celebrity Smile will transform your teeth, your face, and your life with expertise, rapid results, and a pampering experience.
Elite Dentistry
Dentist Downers Grove

Imagine settling into a plush seat as calming background tones and aromas soothe your senses. You feel tranquil and comfortable. You have confidence that your needs and desires will be met completely. Anxiety melts away. Now imagine having that feeling when you visit your dentist!

With Your Celebrity Smile's philosophy of Gentle Lifetime Concierge Dentistry, Westmont's premier cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ronald Schefdore, ensures results in an atmosphere of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Patients come from as far away as Dubai and Shanghai for this experience.

There's simply no call for dental anxiety here; no need to put off dental work. With unparalleled attention, you'll enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums, and a dazzling smile.

You deserve this type of dentistry, and yes, you can afford it. We will work with you to make it within your means – we accept major credit cards and offer no interest payment plans.
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