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We do things differently here at Celebrity Smiles by scheduling only 1 patient at a time. This allows you to be seen on time and have our doctors full, undivided attention. Our skilled and gentle dentists, friendly and experienced staff, and satisfied patients are the cornerstones of our practice. Are you tired of being treated like just another number? Come in for your free consultation and experience award-winning dental care.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are your missing teeth, aging smile or dentures making you miserable? Come in for a free consultation today!

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Laser Dentistry

No shots, no dental drill, no fear laser dentistry with our FDA approved laser! Are you looking for a better experience at your next dental visit?

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Periodontal Treatment

Do you have sore, sensitive, or bleeding gums? We take a more modern approach in treating inflamed, painful gums that achieves proven superior results. No more harsh scrapings, scalpel surgery, or many painful shots in your gums.

Positvie dental experience

Are you looking for a more positive dental experience?

Dental Financing at Celebrity Smiles

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We accept all PPO Insurance.


At Celebrity Smiles, we’re pleased to offer our patients CareCredit, North America’s leader in dental financing payment plans. CareCredit lets you begin your dental treatment immediately – then pay for it over time with monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.

CareCredit is the credit card exclusively for healthcare services. With no up-front costs and no pre-payment penalties, CareCredit lets you pay over time and frees up cash and credit cards for the other things you want or need. CareCredit offers monthly payment plans for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including dental treatments.

Minimum monthly payments
No up-front costs
No pre-payment penalties


Get rid of that embarrassing smile or painful denture

Unique Features of Our Practice

You have worked hard to achieve the successes you now enjoy in your personal, social, and professional life. You have dedicated endless hours to finance, business, education, family, and life partnerships. Now, it is time for a change. Reward yourself with the care and pampering you deserve.

Extensive experience and success creating award-winning smiles. Truly the best dentist in Westmont IL. View Before & Afters
Our advanced laser technology eliminates Novocaine shots and the sound of a drill when doing fillings. It also eliminates the need to use a scalpel or stitches when treating gum disease and doing deep cleanings.
We run on time and do not rush our patients in and out of our office because we never “squeeze” another patient in during your appointment.
We explain your treatment options, describe the final treatment, explain financing options, go through home care instructions, and are happy to answer any of your questions.
Our advanced fluorescent light technology detects oral cancer years before it’s visible to the naked eye, saving lives. It also detects small cavities that can easily be missed even by someone with 20/20 vision.
We take the extra time to be gentle.
Embarrassed to smile? By working with top U.S. dental technicians and leading-edge technology, our team will create a long lasting, beautiful smile. Not all dentures, dental implants, veneers, bonding, crowns, bridges, fillings and partial dentures are the same quality in the dental industry. We use only the best.
Each treatment room has blankets, warm towels, an overhead TV, headphones, and even aromatherapy if desired.
We have the nicest and most knowledgeable staff you can ask for.

Why be just another number when you can get the personalized care you deserve?

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Dentist in westmont il | home

We can create the smile you’ve always wanted.