13 Health Disasters From Painful Teeth

Gum disease and painful teeth in men and women cause a number of health problems. Bad oral health is connected to diabetes, pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, gastric ulcers, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disease, pregnancy complications, pre-term birth, sinus infections, pancreatic cancer and kidney problems.
Gum disease is a condition of constant inflammation and infectivity in the gums. It damages the supporting tissues and bones around the teeth and causes bad breath, tooth loss, and affects 70% of people over 35. The bacteria deep in the infected gums can be easily be introduced to the blood stream.
A protein in the blood called High C-Reactive protein, or hs-CRP, can be increased when there is inflammation inside the mouth and within the blood vessels connected to the heart. According to research, around 50% of men and 64% of women die unexpectedly from heart disease without facing any prior symptoms even when they have regular cholesterol. Thus, a number of medical centers utilize hs-CRP as the effective test in assessing the risk of heart disease. A group of dentists are seeing a reduction in hs-CRP after successfully treating gum disease along with specific nutrients.
Research also reveals that glucose levels increase and it becomes very difficult to control in diabetics if one is suffering with periodontal disease.
Dr. Ron Schefdore is offering easy to use and customized periodontal treatment for patients. His technique nearly eliminates the need for the dentists or hygienist to harshly scrape the gums, give 20-30 shots, and painful cutting of the gums in most cases. He uses gentle, warm water ultrasonic cleaning and laser therapy to control gum disease in most situations. Before and after treatment he also gives periodontal patients with poor or average eating habits a university tested product called Periotherapy created by Pharmaden Nutraceuticals to help heal the gums from the inside. He also has patients use a mouthwash and toothpaste called Closys. Since most people will not floss everyday he instead has them use a Hydrofloss (a pressure washer) and/or plastic toothpicks. Since the toothpicks and Hydrofloss are much easier to use than string floss most people will use them every day, rendering them “more effective than string floss”, says Schefdore. According to a Loma Linda double blind study, when people with gum disease were given Pharmaden’s Periotherapy the gums were shown to have a significant reduction in plaque, pocket depth, and bleeding, making it a great adjunct to treatment. “Healing gum disease from the inside and outside only makes sense”, says Schefdore.
Pharmaden offers an effective range of dental care products (called nutraceuticals).
About Pharmaden
Pharmaden is a leading manufacturers and supplier of Pharmaden Nutraceuticals that are used as an adjunct to treatment for periodontal disease.

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