Best dentists in westmont il

We’re the best dentists in Westmont IL. Here’s why:


Celebrity Smiles offers individualized care

  • We take the time and listen to you! We see only ONE patient at a time so you are the ONLY person in the office so there are no distractions.
  • Because we see only one patient at a time, we are very gentle, and not rushed through your treatment or discussions.
  • We are on time because we only see one patient at a time!
  • Coffee, tea, and water are available in the waiting room.
  • Overhead TV, music, and blankets are available in the exam room.
  • We use the latest technology.

Additionally Celebrity Smiles provides:

  • Transparency with our treatment recommendations. We use advanced technology to show you on the TV exactly what your dental issues are. We want to make sure you are 100% aware of why we choose specific treatments.
  • A very gentle, friendly, and helpful team who will help you with any insurance, financial, or treatment questions.
  • The newest technology and are even able to see oral cancer in the earliest stages, up to 2 years before our eyesight can with Velscope.
  • No shots, no drill dentistry – ask us about our laser technology!
  • We can provide pricing, treatment options, how much insurance will cover, and our payment plans at your free consultation.
  • Top US laboratories and materials for the best results.

Do you really want cut-rate dentistry?

  • Today, many people, and dental offices, are looking to cut costs. This means there are ways to take short cuts, like getting lab work and materials from overseas. At Celebrity Smiles, we use only the best materials and a lab that is just down the street. Going to a dentists who use poor quality products from overseas leads to results that will not last as long. This means you will likely have to go through the time, expense, and pain of getting the same procedure done over again. In certain cases, working too often on the same tooth will result in a root canal or not having enough tooth left to redo the work.

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