Downers Grove Dental Services Can Help People With Their Closeups

Downers Grove’s own Denise Richards says that she had buck teeth as a young girl and had to wear braces as a teenager. Today, she is a big celebrity with one of the most admired smiles in Hollywood; but why is there such a fascination with celebrity smiles? Hugh Aldersey-Williams offered his insights in an article for KCRW.com.

The ascendancy of American dentistry has its roots (yes, I know; now, spit) in early 20th-century efforts by the profession to enhance its then lowly status. Dentists succeeded to an extraordinary degree in constructing a consumer message that correlates the appearance of your teeth with your socioeconomic status.

But nothing made the look of your teeth matter more than the invention of the Hollywood smile. The problem was identified early on. Teeth showed up grey in early black-and-white films—Errol Flynn’s were famously filthy. To correct this, actors were often required by their studio contracts to have full sets of gleaming new dentures made for them. Perhaps only Bugs Bunny had naturally perfect white incisors. The artificial smile had its birth along with the artificial means of realizing it.

The Tooth: What’s behind that Hollywood smile?

Fans are often awestruck by how their favorite actors and actresses appear to have flawless smiles on the big screen, unaware that they had help in achieving such perfection. The good news is, there are Renowned Downers Grove dental services that can help non-celebrities have the same million-dollar smile just like Brooke Shields. Sean Hein of Yahoo Voices broke down the various dental procedures involved in the process.

One of the most common problems that every person faces is discolored or stained teeth; however, this is now easily solved by a teeth whitening procedure, which can be administered by a reliable Darien dental practitioner like Dr. Ronald Schefdore. This can be done through multiple sessions over the course of one to two months to retain the maximum effect. For more serious cases, individuals with damaged or worn-out teeth can still get a great-looking smile by going for porcelain veneers: thin shells that are attached on the front surfaces of teeth that look and feel natural.

Whether on the big screen or in daily life, a great smile can speak a thousand words. These days, getting dental treatment is easier and safer than ever, so if you’re one of the millions of Americans who are unable to flash full smiles because of your teeth, it’s time to pay your dentist a visit.

(From The Tooth: What’s behind that Hollywood smile?, KCRW.com, Published 31 May 2013)

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