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There are few things that can be as uncomfortable as persistent jaw pain. We here at Celebrity Smiles are here to help.

Pain in the jaw, or its joints, can be indicative of a myriad of health problems. In dentistry, we typically see jaw pain occur most often in cases of bacterial infection cause by oral disease or improper dental hygiene. However, pain and difficulty talking or chewing, could be the first warning signs of more serious conditions developing: stroke or heart attack risks, arthritis, malnutrition, depression, diabetes, liver and kidney disorders, as well as certain types of cancer have all shown connections to diseases of the mouth.

In order to receive the finest testing and treatment for all of your dental needs, look no further than the gentle care of our Jaw Pain Help Solutions  at Celebrity Smiles. You can schedule an appointment immediately by contacting us through Our Online Form.

As the top rated jaw pain specialist in the Downers Grove IL area, Dr. Schefdore has made a career of giving patients the kind of smile that can grace the cover of magazines. Using dentistry’s most current methods and equipment, Downers Grove Jaw Pain Help  specializes in providing you with the highest quality work, in a comfortable in environment, all while working within the confines of your budget.

Jaw pain is not a condition that anyone can just “wait out”. Most jaw pain is caused by bacteria of the mouth attacking the surrounding tissue. If the bacteria are allowed to stay in the mouth, feeding, the problem will get worse. In order to rid yourself of the issue for good, you must consult with a specialist; and there is no one better than Celebrity Smiles. Through our patient and gentle care, you can take back your health and your life.

Being in constant pain is physically and emotionally draining. You are unable to eat, so you are malnourished and tired. You are unable to sleep, so your body and mind have no opportunity to heal naturally. Even talking can be a chore when you are in agony. Why suffer another day?

Go to here and schedule an appointment for a Dentist with Downers Grove Jaw Pain Help today. After a no-risk, unrushed, consultation with the specialists of Celebrity Smiles, you will already begin to feel better. Having a team of medical professionals at your disposal will lift a weight off of your shoulders, and you will rest assured that your health is in good hands.

Together, we will treat all of your dental concerns with compassion, skill, and a dedication to seeing you smile again. Contact us today in order to experience the kind of care that has made our team the Downers Grove area’s premier dental professionals. Learn more by visiting

Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry is proud to serve the health needs of the Downers Grove, IL community, and we look forward to meeting you. Call us today at (630) 971-0682 to schedule a Private Consultation with Dr. Ronald Schefdore, the Best Dentist in the Chicago Area.


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“Everyone deserves great care and a great smile that will last a lifetime.”

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