Dr. Ron Schefdore Creates Cutting Edge Marketing Company To Reach New Patients

June 25, 2015, Westmont, IL:
Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry: Dr. Ron Schefdore D.M.D., LTD has been serving the Chicago western suburbs for 31 years. Dr. Schefdore has appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, as well as several prestigious dental magazines. His talents extend past just the dental office as he serves as the President of Pharmaden LLC, a nutraceutical company aimed at improving dental patients health.

Just like any business owner, Dr. Schefdore wants to attract new, high-profit patients to his practice. He has once again gone above and beyond his role as a Westmont cosmetic dentist and founded a marketing company. After years of relying on other companies to get him on the first page of Google in order to appeal to a technology-driven society, Dr. Schefdore has found his own niche. Not only has Top Search Video increased his office revenue but he now offers their services to colleagues and even other types of businesses. After wasting thousands of dollars on hiring other marketing companies throughout the years, Dr. Schefdore aims to help others dominate Google and reap the benefits.

By creating short, less than 45-second videos and having them achieve first page status on client-chosen Google searches Dr. Schefdore has attracted multiple new large dental cases into his office. Since Google handles 80% of all internet traffic this is a huge asset. When it comes to marketing, you want your business to stand out and what better way to stand out than to have a video on the first page of Google next to all the boring, blue links all your competition has. When someone comes across one of these videos during a Google search, all of the business information is readily available, there are pictures of that business along with the products or services provided, and it directs a potential client to the website and reviews.

To see a few examples of his work all anyone would have to do is go to Google and search for “Westmont dentures”, “Westmont crowns”, or “Westmont invisalign”.

Therefore, anyone interested in obtaining more information about Top Search Video can check out their website www.topsearchvideo.net or call 630-537-0106. You can now quickly view one of many of Dr. Schefdore’’s videos created by Top Search video at https://youtu.be/51IN1A_9AFg.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Schefdore’’s dental practice you can go to www.yourcelebritysmile.com. For more information on Pharmaden LLC products please visit www.pharmaden.net.

Contact Details:
Contact Person: Allie
Website: www.topsearchvideo.net
Phone: 630-537-0106
Fax: 888-202-3656

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