Healthy Living

To Dr. Schefdore, the most rewarding part of being a dentist is helping others, and educating them so they aren’t likely to experience future dental problems. He doesn’t want a patient to come back again and again to go through time-consuming and costly dental procedures. He often jokes that he must be one of the only doctors whose goal is to train his patients so well with their home care that it creates much less business for himself! Dr. Schefdore’s regular three, four, or six month check-ups allow him to closely supervise his patient’s oral health, instead of continually treating dental issues that could have been prevented with proper care and advice.

Part of Dr. Schefdore’s 15-point examination for healthy living includes a confidential health questionnaire. It delves into most of the patient’s habits and lifestyle choices. Selections that his patients make in their daily lives can have a direct effect on their oral and overall health. Family history, daily exercise, and diet are all covered in the questionnaire. The information is vital so he can advise the patient on how to avoid future dental problems. It also helps the doctor answer questions and address concerns that a patient has regarding his or her oral health.

Living a healthy life begins with taking care of your mouth, and goes beyond just brushing and flossing. In fact, it has been found that conditions that start and develop within the mouth, such as periodontal disease can impact your entire body. They may leave you at higher risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other diseases.

So call Dr. Schefdore today to schedule a consultation and learn how you can get started taking care of yourself from the inside out!

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