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We Take Time To Listen To You Without Running To The Next Patient

Dr. Schefdore can take care of all of your dental needs. It is rare for our office to refer you to another dentist for treatment. If you’re looking for a relaxing, comfortable, and overall good experience, Dr. Schefdore is the dentist for you! He gives each of his patients the one-on-one attention they deserve. Other dentists may handle two, three, sometimes four patients at once, but Dr. Schefdore schedules only one person per time slot in order to ensure they get individualized assistance from him, and not just from his staff.

A restful atmosphere puts you at-ease during your appointment so that you have a pleasurable dental visit. Each patient is treated like family. We have a plasma TV for your enjoyment. You can watch your favorite show during treatment, or listen to music with a headset. A warm blanket is provided in case you get chilled, and you’ll be given a steamy towel after your visit to freshen up. During treatment, Dr. Schefdore offers his patients breaks for patient comfort.

With such a relaxed ambiance and individual attention, you will feel more like your mother is taking care of you instead of a dentist! There’s no cold, stark medical establishment environment. We have a calming office and gentle as possible treatments to make your visit an enjoyable one. By creating this atmosphere for our patients, we ensure they feel comfortable and enjoy coming back. Doesn’t that make it easy to return for cleanings and check-ups, instead of shying away from the dentist out of fear and anxiety?

Dr. Schefdore has cared for his patients for over thirty years. During that tenure, he has developed a broad base of experience and treated thousands of patients – from basic cleanings to extensive dental work such as implants, crowns, and veneers. On surveys, his patients say that he is gentle, provides exceptional dentistry, and appreciate the education and products to improve their oral health and keep them healthy. He provides excellent service with affordable payment plans.

Dr. Schefdore wants to improve your smile, have your teeth last the rest of your life, and improve your overall health (see “First for Women Magazine” article in the media section). By doing this he can enrich your quality of life! Call today to schedule an affordable and comfortable private consultation. You’ll see how Dr. Schefdore’s methods can increase your confidence!

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