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America’s most honored professionals
Dr. Ronald L. Schefdore, DDS Invited to be Part of Dentistry Today’s Prestigious Annual Leaders Directory | Read More


The Consumer Advisory Board awarded Dr. Schefdore to be among America’s best dentists.



Dental Diagnosis – Heart Health and More at the Dentist
Dr. Ron Schefdore works at the forefront of innovation in health by detecting diabetes, heart disease and other issues through a blood test when a patient visits the dentist, improving and possibly saving lives.

Early Cancer Detection Through Dental Visit
A patient of Dr. Ron Schefdore of Chicago gives an interview about how his cancer was detected early due to a visit to the dentist.

Teeth Whitening
Dr. Ron Schefdore as seen on FOX NEWS about teeth whitening.

Healthy Heart Dentistry National News.
Dr. Ron Schefdore on Healthy Heart Dentistry National News.

CBS Chicago News.
Dr. Ron Schefdore on CBS Chicago News.