Dr. Ronald Schefdore

Ron-Schefdore-Top-Chicago-DentistDr. Schefdore practices general dentistry in the Downers Grove Area. He started the 1 Day “SMILE MAKEOVER” 30 years ago using porcelain veneers and sculpturing dental composite on teeth for people that wanted to quickly and dramatically improve their smile. Dr. Schefdore also created the 1 day smile makeover for people with few or no teeth using snug fitting dentures, custom dentures, cosmetic dentures, dental implants, and life like crowns, bridges, and partial dentures with no ugly metal. His work has been featured on the cover of prestigious dental magazines such as Dentistry Today and The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has also been featured as an expert extensively in the media including CBS, NBC, FOX, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Readers Digest, Prevention Magazine, and others. He was recently awarded as the Top Dentist in the Downers Grove area. For the past 6 years his peers have recognized him a Leader in Continuing Education For Dentists through his seminars, book, and published articles .

THE GOAL is to have your teeth last a lifetime with new, modern dental treatments, materials and home care products. Yes, there are new, more effective ways to help save your teeth for life. Schedule your consultation with me today so we can show them to you! If you are missing teeth allow us to show you several alternatives to replace missing teeth so you can eat comfortably again and be proud of your smile. If you have dentures that wiggle and wobble we have several choices to make them snug and improve your smile – Even though we emphasize cosmetic dentistry, veneers, advanced dentures, dental implants, invisalign, crowns and bridges in the Downers Grove area we are professionals in completing all of your general dental work quickly and accurately.  Experience our gentle ultrasonic (no scraping) dental cleanings, natural looking fillings and lifelike crowns. You will never see an ugly, dark line with our new all porcelain crowns. We can make you the same crowns the movie stars have! We are very gentle with our treatments because we never rush from patient to patient or even schedule multiple patients at the same time. We only focus on YOU when you are in our office.

Because you are the only patient in our office during your appointment we can finish your treatment with 50% less follow up appointments than a high volume dental practice. You deserve the full attention of the doctor and staff. Do not settle for less! We can reduce your stress, be very gentle, save you time, and achieve a better outcome when all of our attention is on you, your comfort, and your smile…Only in extreme cases do we need to refer you to specialists outside of our office.

Professional Affiliations

Chicago Dental Society
Illinois Dental Association
American Dental Association
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

1979 – B.S. Biology with Honors Southern Illinois University
1983 – Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Southern Illinois University. President Of His Class. Top of his clinical class.
1983 to Present – Post Doctorate classes in Cosmetic Dentistry, dental implants, dentures, veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, invisalign.
1985 – Present Dental Implant Certificate Northwestern University
1990 – 2001 Boy Scout Leader and Girls Soccer Coach(AYSO)
2000 to Present – Provides award winning seminars to dentists and hygienists
2001 to Present – Published 50 + articles in major dental magazines.
2001 – Invisalign Certification
2003 – Invisalign Certification II
2003 – Authored the book “Better Service Better Dentistry” – for Dentists and their staff
2004 – Chairman of Pharmaden Nutraceuticals (www.pharmaden.net). Dentist recommended dental supplements. The only dental supplement backed by a double blind study (Loma Linda University) and peer reviewed.
2005 – Oral health and overall health are interrelated. Dr. Schefdore developed and introduced to dentistry a series of new simple blood screening tests to identify and refer unhealthy patients to their physician.
2006 – Founder and President of Healthy Heart Dentistry(TM)
2008 – President of Americans Against Diabetes
2008 to 2014 – Recognized by Dentistry Today Magazine as one of the Leaders in Continuing Education to Dentists.
2012 – Award winning dentist
2013 – Award winning dentist
2014 – Awarded top 5% of top American professionals for continuous professional recognition by colleagues
2015 – Awarded top 1% of top American professionals for continuous professional recognition by colleagues
2015 – Award Winning Dentist. Winner of the Westmont Doctors’ Choice Awards in Dentistry 2015