Minimize Teeth Whitening Risks with a Downers Grove Dental Provider

Individuals often opt for professional teeth whitening services to address teeth discoloration that can no longer be eliminated by regular brushing, even with the help of whitening toothpastes and rinses. However, just as the quality of teeth differs from person to person, so do the effectiveness and risks that come with various teeth whitening treatments.


For example, there are different risks posed by laser teeth whitening. A Voxxi.com health article discusses how some of these risks are linked more to a lack of proper dental supervision rather than the treatment itself:

“When it comes to laser whitening, some concern has been voiced that the hydrogen peroxide solution painted onto teeth can destroy enamel and demineralize teeth. According to Mervyn Druian of the London Tooth-Whitening Centre, this claim is not supported by much scientific evidence, and while hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous in high doses, when applied properly there is minimal risk to teeth.

“The main risk with hydrogen peroxide, whether used in a tray at home or at the dentist, is that it irritates and bleaches the gums,” Druian told the Daily Mail. “For this reason, dentists apply bleaching solutions to the teeth very carefully.”

In fact, when hydrogen peroxide bleaching solutions are used indiscriminately, people can actually discolor their teeth even further, negating the entire process.

For these reasons, and many others, experts recommend that people consult reliable Downers Grove dental professionals before undergoing any type of teeth whitening procedure. In doing so, they can ensure that the solutions will be properly implemented and that they can avoid any allergic reactions or side-effects. Moreover, they will have a better understanding of which kind and amount of treatment is best for their set of teeth.

Downers Grove and Darien dental healthcare providers like those at Your Celebrity Smile Cosmetic and General Dentistry understand that all teeth cannot be possibly treated the same way. Thus, they offer different teeth whitening solutions to ensure patients receive the one that best meets their whitening needs and helps them maintain good oral health. These solutions range from one-hour teeth whitening sessions that provide quick results to deep whitening systems that are implemented over the course of several visits.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Risk of professional teeth whitening: Is it worth it?, Saludify, November 18, 2013)

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