Tips to Strong Teeth


The road to health is long and winding, it is easy to get lost along the way. For those of us who have made our physical wellness a priority, a reliable daily routine has become the only way to navigate this path with any success.  Your oral health is no different.

We here at Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry  have developed this simple list of steadfast “rules to live by” in regards to your dental hygiene regimen. By following these daily tips, you can improve your total health, enhance your smile, and keep your teeth well into your golden years.


  • Nutrition:


The connections between your general or dental health, and a proper diet have been well documented.  The concept of “good nutrition” not only means avoiding certain foods, but also embracing others. On top of making sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, you should also incorporate a high-absorbing nutritional supplement into your daily routine in order to fill in any blanks that you could have missed. The most highly recommended supplements available are Pharmaden Nutraceuticals, due to their scientifically backed research and testing by third parties.

You should avoid foods with excessively high amounts of sugar or starch, as these are also food for the bacteria in your mouth. When bacterium digest the sugars and starches left over from food in your mouth, the natural digestive process’s release chemicals that rot the teeth, damage the gums, and contribute to bad breath.

Finally, you should swap out coffee, energy drinks, juice and soda for plain water. To add onto the previous paragraph: drinks with a lot of sugar or caffeine are also (unfortunately) very bad for you. If the bacterium doesn’t destroy your smile, the caffeine and sugar surely will because those typically cause jaw clenching and teeth grinding in many people. It should be your goal to drink around 8, 8oz, glasses of pure water every day . On top of aiding in the removal of toxic elements from the entire body, water will also cleanse your mouth and further supplement your body’s natural healing abilities.


  • Regular Oral Maintenance


If you want to maintain your glowing smile, it is absolutely essential to brush and floss your teeth every day . This clears the mouth of any bacteria that would damage your teeth or gums, eliminates bad breath, and will prevent the most common dental problems. We recommend brushing and flossing twice a day, using an antibacterial fluoride-based tooth paste. If you hate to floss, ask your doctor about what alternatives they recommend (IE a water pick, or gentle toothpicks). For bonus marks: You should also rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouth-wash at least once a day.

If you find brushing to be uncomfortable, or downright painful, you should try a new tooth brush with softer bristles or put less physical effort into brushing as hard as possible. People often think that brushing won’t work unless you scrub your teeth down to the root and your gums are traumatized. When you do that, you are doing much more harm than good.

Along with the regular maintenance you’re doing every day from home, you must visit your general dentist every 6 months. By making sure that a specialist is tracking your oral health, you will avoid a lot of (both figurative and literal) headaches.


  • Smoking:


This one is a “no brainer” but it must be said anyway … There are few things worse for your health than smoking tobacco; and if you are a smoker, your mouth is already on the front line of a hopeless battle.

Smoking discolors teeth, weakens bones, contributes to oral cancer, and coats your mouth in bacteria as well as many different harmful chemicals. Since nicotine is also a stimulant, smoking can lead to elevated stress levels, teeth clenching and grinding, which will further degrade your teeth as well as the jaw in whole. Quit today.

By following the three tips in this article, you can keep your teeth strong and your mouth healthy while avoiding many of the pratfalls people commonly encounter in their dental care.








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