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For over 30 years Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry has been the Westmont, IL area’s premier oral health-care provider. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and methods, Dr. Ronald Schefdore D.M.D. and his staff maintain their award-winning reputation by providing industry leading, gentle, dental-care to their thousands of patients. You deserve the smile of your dreams; you deserve the unrivaled care of Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry.


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Our specialties in Westmont, IL include …




Do you have unsightly, crooked teeth? Are you suffering from an uneven bite? Do you find yourself hesitating to smile in public or in photos? Improve your confidence and health by receiving corrective treatment by an orthodontist at Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry. Employing the latest methods, developed to give you the gentlest care possible, Dr. Schefdore and his team will give you a smile that you will want to show off!


Dental Veneers:

Do you want the type of naturally beautiful smile that can grace the cover of a magazine? At Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry we can help your dreams come true in as a little as a single day! As a pioneer in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Schefdore is the Westmont, IL area’s preeminent expert in porcelain veneers. Come and experience the kind of treatment that has been praised by prestigious magazines such as Dentistry Today and organizations like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


Dental Crowns:

If you need to replace a large filling, or if you have a fractured tooth, dental crowns can help to reinvigorate your smile while improving your quality of life. Known for his gentle and compassionate treatments, Dr. Schefdore can repair your ailing tooth with ease. Your new tooth will look better than new, while still maintaining the beauty of a natural looking smile. SPECIAL OFFER: Schedule an appointment today, and receive an additional $100 off of your dental crown treatment when you mention this description.


Dental Implants:

Are you missing a few teeth? Do you hate the thought of wearing dentures? Seen as a more permanent, better looking, and less high-maintenance alternative to dentures, dental implants will improve your smile for years to come! Implants provided by Dr. Schefdore fit so comfortably in the mouth that you will think that they are your own natural teeth. Goodbye dentures, hello freedom! SPECIAL OFFER: Schedule an appointment today, and receive an additional $100 off of your implant treatment when you mention this description.


Jaw Pain Help:

Sometimes oral disease spreads to the jaw, causing inflammation and agonizing jaw pain. Recently, we have noticed that our patients in Westmont, IL need specialized care in order to treat this issue. Utilizing both conventional and systemic approaches to treatment, Dr. Schefdore is making ground-breaking strides in treating both jaw pain and its causes. There is no reason for you to suffer any more, schedule an appointment with us today.



If you are looking for a high-quality, yet affordable, solution to missing teeth or an otherwise unappealing smile, then look no further than dentures by Celebrity Smiles. Dr. Schefdore has over 30 years of experience crafting and fitting the most comfortable and natural looking dentures in the Westmont, IL area … It is never too late to have the pearly white smile of your dreams. Book your appointment today and learn how we can restore your mouth to its former glory, or better! SPECIAL OFFER: Schedule an appointment today, and receive an additional $100 off of your custom dentures when you mention this description.



Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry is proud to serve the health needs of the Westmont, IL community, and we look forward to meeting you. Call us today at (630) 971-0682 to schedule a Private Consultation with Dr. Ronald Schefdore, the Best Dentist in the Chicago Area.

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