Different types of dentures

If you have lost all or some of your teeth, you may face esthetic and functional trouble. You may not be able to perform mastication, so chewing food may be a task for you. You may also feel ashamed to open your mouth in front of everybody as the missing teeth make it look not very good.

This is when you may need to get dentures made for you. These dentures in Westmont IL will replace the lost tooth, thus making your mouth look esthetically normal again. Let’s understand these dentures in detail and all the benefits they offer.

What are Dentures?

If you have been in a fatal accident and lost all or most of your teeth or were naturally decayed, and now you have none left, your dentist may suggest you get dentures built for yourself.

These dentures are prostheses that you add inside your mouth to restore lost teeth. You may use dentures to replace one, many, or all of the teeth. Dentures are the perfect way to reshape the troubles caused by missing teeth.

Everyone with dentures in Westmont il has been happy as their mouth has started to look aesthetically pleasing again. Getting used to a prosthesis may be difficult and may give rise to initial trouble, but that discomfort is going to last just a few days. As your mouth gets accustomed to using dentures, you can chew your food correctly while enjoying your bright aesthetic smile. If you have any query about Can I Wear My Dentures At Night? then check it out.

Are dentures worth it?

You may wonder if getting dentures is worth the time, effort, and money. So the answer to that question is yes. When you get dentures for yourself, you ensure a better smile and functionality for your mouth. You may have your doubts initially, but as you get accustomed to the denture, you will realize how the decision was worth it.

Advantages of a denture

People nowadays worry no more about how their smile and mouth look because of the availability of dentures. Dentures have made artificial teeth and their use a reality. They not only resolve all the aesthetic issues but also help to relieve masticatory troubles. Here are some of the advantages of these dentures:

  • Improved functionality

If one or more teeth from your mouth are missing, it will undoubtedly result in decreased functional efficacy. You may face trouble while masticating, swallowing, and even speaking. Dentures help to resolve this issue as the missing teeth will be replaced by artificial ones.

The functionality of your jaws will be improved, and thus, you will be able to chew and speak properly. You don’t have to worry about spitting while speaking due to missing teeth, nor will you have to chew from one side of the mouth because of an absence of teeth on the other. Therefore, functional efficacy is the most important advantage offered by dentures.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Now you may be wondering if cleaning these dentures is a difficult task. You don’t need to worry about that anymore! You can easily clean your dentures, thus maintaining good oral hygiene. All you have to do is brush your denture teeth twice daily, just like your natural teeth. Do not rub too vigorously. Just consider these denture teeth as your natural teeth and manage them accordingly.

  • Enhanced confidence

Dentures provide you with enhanced confidence to face the crowd. Imagine meeting a lot of people with missing teeth. You will feel underconfident and will try not to open your mouth. With dentures, you don’t have to worry about people seeing your empty spaces of mouth and thus, you can smile in front of them with complete confidence. There are many dental clinics that have enhanced the beauty of smiles as well as the confidence of people.


Types of dentures

As per usage and quality, there is a wide variety of dentures available for use. The list includes:

  • Conventional complete denture
  • Partial denture
  • Custom denture
  • Implant-supported denture
  • Immediate denture
  • Over-Denture
  • Snap-in denture
  • Upper dentures
    • Conventional complete denture

These conventional complete dentures replace the teeth of an entire arch. These rest over the residual alveolar ridge with the help of wires that take anchorage from the remaining teeth or the tissues.

    • Partial dentures

If you wish dentures for either mandible or maxilla or some of the teeth of the mandible or maxilla, you may get a partial denture. A pink-colored acrylic base is attached to the remaining structure with the help of wires.

    • Custom denture

Custom dentures are made of natural-looking expensive teeth. The denture is custom-made according to your smile and is aesthetically perfect.

    • Implant-supported denture

Dentists may suggest you use dentures that are supported by implants. These provide rigidity and proper anchorage to all the teeth of the denture. This is a stable and sturdy alternative to dentures.

    • Immediate denture

Immediate dentures are placed over the missing tooth region the same day after the extraction. Your gums and alveolar bone need to be very healthy for immediate dentures.

    • Overdenture

Overdentures rest over the gums of the upper or lower arch, depending on the needs. This denture receives support with the help of an implant. Overdentures can be removed from the mouth by the patient.

    • Snap-in Denture

Snap-in dentures are the most stable and most effective types of dentures. They remain in position with the help of dental implants or may take anchorage from adjacent structures with wires.

    • Upper Denture

Upper dentures are the set of dentures that replace the missing teeth of your maxilla. They may replace one or many missing teeth, thus restoring the functional efficacy of your oral structures.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other varieties of dentures that people may get fabricated for them as per the use.

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace one or more lost teeth in your mouth. Getting a denture fabricated for your mouth ensures that you restore the functional efficacy of your mouth. You may also look aesthetically pleasing after getting dentures.

All you need to do is visit your dentist and leave the rest to them. Once you get your set of dentures in Westmont il fabricated, you will be delighted with the results. You may initially face trouble while getting adapted to using these dentures, but as time passes you may get used to these dentures. Once you get acquainted with the usage of these dentures, you will be impressed by the great results.