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One of the best ways to make your smile charming is teeth whitening. Not only does it whiten your teeth, but it illuminates the radiance of your smile. If you want to turn your teeth into pearly white and you like in Westmont, Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry can be an ideal choice. Although this procedure might charge a good amount, it’s safe to say that you will benefit from it. But know that maintenance is an important factor after teeth whitening. You will have to ensure that you don’t re-stain your teeth. If you are eager to know things to be avoided after teeth whitening, read this text until the end.

What Are Things That Are To Be Strictly Avoided After Teeth Whitening?

1. Dark-colored foods

The first and foremost thing that you must care about while you want to whiten your teeth is not to eat foods that are dark in color. It would be best if you avoided similar colored beverages to ensure that you don’t end up staining your teeth. Avoid dark-colored sauces such as pasta sauces or soya sauce. Chocolate and candies must also be avoided to protect your teeth from damage. Highly pigmented fruits are also found to be harmful; hence avoiding them could be helpful. Follow the rule that the food that stains your white shirt will also stain your teeth. Choose foods that are light in color, and that will help you maintain white teeth.

2. Tobacco

Tobacco harms your teeth and can lead to severe damage to your entire body. Even if you get your teeth whitening sessions from the best teeth whitening in the west mount, downers grove, you are likely to have no results if you continue having tobacco. Experts found that smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the most prevalent reasons for teeth staining. Therefore if you wish to avoid re-staining your teeth, avoid tobacco as much as possible. You must strictly avoid them for a few days to ensure that your treatment works. Know that leaving tobacco suddenly could be a problem; hence consult a specialist beforehand.

3. Coffee and tea

Although you might think there is no harm in having a cup of tea after teeth whitening, that’s not true. Initially, you will have to avoid almost everything that leads to even a tiny stain for a few days. You might need a spark in the morning, so caffeine is crucial. But the dentist in Westmont il asks to avoid using these beverages for a few days. Know that caffeine can dry your mouth out, making it bacteria-prone. If you notice closely, you will find stains on the coffee mug. And if you add sugar or flavoring to it, it might stick to your teeth. Also, some types of tea have a high amount of tannins that can lead to heavy staining. Hence always drink water after having tea or coffee.

4. Acidic foods

One of the biggest nos is to have acidic food after teeth whitening. Although you have got it from an excellent whitening in Westmount, downers grove such as Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry, if you don’t care for it, you will end up ruining everything. Know that the bleach used in the whitening process can weaken your enamel. And when you consume acidic food on it, the enamels will further weaken, leading to high sensitivity. After this, you might be unable to savor hot or cold food items. Some of the acidic foods that you must avoid are

  • Citrus fruits
  • Pineapples
  • Tomatoes
  • Pickle
  • Processed meats

5. Not cleaning teeth

Know that if you don’t clean your teeth every day, there is no meaning to getting a teeth whitening session. Hence always schedule your teeth whitening session with an expert like Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry after a cleaning session. Know those whitening teeth won’t be effective if there is plaque or tartar. Make sure that you clean your teeth regularly, even after whitening. It will avoid deposits of plaque, making your teeth look brighter. Make sure that you follow your oral hygiene routine. Any mistake in this routine can be harmful to your teeth.

6. Spices that stain

You might have noticed that some spices leave behind stains that are hard to remove from our hands. Hence, if you have food containing such spices, it will be difficult to remove those stains from your teeth. There is a huge list of food items that you must avoid while you have undergone a teeth whitening session. Spices that can cause heavy stains are strictly not for people that go for teeth whitening. These spices can also lead to teeth discoloration; hence be extra careful while using them. 

7. Colored dental hygiene products

Yes, the products with colors are harmful after a teeth whitening session. It would be best to avoid coloured toothpaste and mouthwash after teeth whitening, as this could result in staining. Know that blue, red, and green colors might result in quicker and more staining. Hence food and oral hygiene can lead to issues with the teeth. After using these types of products, your teeth can grow more sensitive. To avoid this situation, you can use toothpaste and mouthwash that doesn’t contain colors. Consult an expert dentist such as Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry to take the best care of your teeth. 

8. Red meat

Red meat could potentially harm your teeth greatly, and you must avoid it after a teeth whitening session. And the Westmont dentist says you should avoid eating all varieties of meat. Know that this food variety will stain your teeth and decrease your smile’s brightness. Red meat is an acidic food variety that can increase tooth sensitivity. Hence knowing that it could lead to high damage, you must avoid eating red meat. If you don’t want to avoid it for a long time, ensure you don’t eat it for a few days. 

A Path To Brighter Smile

Teeth whitening can be the best and easiest way to make your smile attractive. If you, too, want your smile to be the best, Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry can help you. They are one of the best whitenings in Westmount, downers grove that promises you bright and worth noticing white teeth. Also read about the 4 Natural Ways To Maintain Your White Teeth.
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