Are Your Missing Teeth or Dentures Making You Miserable?

Whether you lost a tooth or have a denture that wiggles and wobbles, we can give you permanent teeth in a day by using dental implants. Celebrity Smiles same-day dental implant tooth replacement means that no one has to be embarrassed, go without a tooth, or put up with loose dentures any longer.

  • Celebrity Smiles are confident that dental implants are the preferred way to replace missing teeth because we have seen the results on hundreds of patients for the past 25 years. All dental implants are not the same quality, and all dentists do not have the same training and experience in this area.
  • An implant is a bio-compatible titanium rod placed into the jaw. It sounds painful, but bone does not have nerve endings. Most of our patients say that they had more discomfort following an extraction than having an implant placed. The implant integrates with the bone to create a solid base for a replacement tooth. A crown tops the implant to create a restoration that looks and performs just like your natural tooth. Our team can place an implant and a temporary crown the same day, allowing you to get on with your life without much inconvenience.

Dental implants can also be used in conjunction with dentures for a secure fit. The patient snaps the denture into place for a much stronger fit than any denture adhesive can offer. The denture is removed daily by the patient for cleaning. Two to four implants are usually necessary to provide comfort, stability, and reduce wiggling.

Dental implants are long-lasting replacements for natural teeth. Our office uses the best quality, time-tested implants, and works closely with a few select premier surgeons in the Chicago area in order to provide the highest possible success rate.

Celebrity Smiles understands that everyone’s dental situation is different. When you schedule a consultation at his office, he will thoroughly examine your mouth, listen to your desires, and then present the best options to you.

We do offer Dental Implant financing as well.